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The Product

Our most recently released product is a blast hole stemming device unlike other products on the market. The stemming devices are unique as a lanyard can be affixed to the slotted aperture on the side of the inserting device which can be used in many ways.  A stope failure can cost time and money, both in loss of production and recovery. Our product can assist in minimising this risk of failure. It can:

  • be installed in breakthrough holes and be pulled back into the blast hole

  • the lanyard can be tied off on the mesh or ground support at the insertion point which can prevent loss of explosives to the level above or below.

In the event of a blast hole not achieving the desired length, our device can be retracted and reinserted. This is a key feature as other products do not allow this.  The slotted insertion device on the stemmer 32mm fits perfectly over a 30mm ridged charge hose with minimal resistance for removal from the blast hole.


Currently in the design process is a stemming device for emulsion charging.  This device will reduce the time charge-up operators spend at the brows of stopes, the main danger zone.  It will replace expensive hole blocking devices used in longhole upholes and downhole drilling and will prevent debris from entering the blast hole. These devices will be designed to be able to be reused again, saving you in costs.  The stemming devices have been extensively trialled at an underground mine in WA for over 6 months, using diverse materials of various thicknesses and elasticity to perfect the design. By keeping the operators in mind, we have made sure they are user-friendly and require minimal training for the operators to use. They have also successfully been used in temperatures in excess of 31 degrees wet bulb.  


We have a range of stemming devices available for the most common blast hole sizes (64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 102 mm). Whilst they are readymade, custom size orders can be easily arranged at your request.


The stemming devices are 2.6mm larger than the blast hole sizes, allowing easy insertion and will remain in place when the charge hose is removed.  With no comparison in the raw materials used, savings are simply passed on to the customer sorted by our patient designs. Our product has received excellent feedback, with one mine informing us, "the cost savings is in excess of 200% to the product that we were previously using."


Currently, in the design scope and development stage are product improvements along with new ideas we have discovered and developed solutions for. These ideas include;

  • A slotted hole stemming device that is also collapsible to be used in broken or fractured ground conditions

  • Smaller moulds to be used for emulsion blast hoses

  • A remote-control arresting device to prevent automated bogger runaways in travleways underground

  • Anti-static lanyards to comply with mining regulations

  • Blast hole liners for charging uphole wet holes using anfo only.

Blast hole stemming device
Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.54.21 am.png

If you have a problem you require a solution for, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as we may very well be able to assist you. There are some other designs still in scope that we are currently working on which will be released once the Patent has been approved.

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